These conditions of sale are intended to inform the customer about their rights and obligations associated with entering into a contract with Oxygène ski school and on the organisation and sale of individual and group lessons and the rental of ski equipment. These conditions are given to all clients to provide information under section 96 of Decree 94-490 of 15 June 1994.

CHAMBERY RCS: 522976422
No. reporting institution, departmental management of the protection of people and social cohesion: ET 73930286


I – Price
Our prices include all taxes and are calculated in euros at the time of closure of contract. Prices may be changed without prior notice in case of increases imposed by our suppliers or in case of economic crisis. Our services are offered for a predetermined period of time according to the terms of the reservation.

II – Registration – Booking – Modification
The full payment will be taken unless otherwise specified by the client. It is possible to reserve with a 30% deposit to confirm the booking; the remaining balance will then be due no later than thirty days prior to arrival. If the reservation is made less than thirty days before arrival, the total amount will automatically be due on confirmation. In case of unsettled balances within the required thirty days, Oxygène reserves the right to offer the reserved spaces for sale to other clients, retaining the full deposit amount. The reservation is deemed definite on reception of the deposit. Should the client not comply with the regulation above, he will be considered in breach of contract. There may be additional charges for any changes made to a reservation less than 7 days before the start date.

III – Cancellation
Cancellations will be accepted up to one month prior to arrival with a full refund. For cancellations made within less than a month of arrival, 30% of the total will be retained by Oxygène for administration purposes and 70% will be refunded to the client. Oxygène reserves the right to retain full payment for cancellations made within a week or less before arrival. Cancellations of in-resort bookings are non-refundable and postponement remains at the discretion of Oxygène’s management.

IV – Responsibilities
Oxygène uses a number of external suppliers in particular in conjunction with “all inclusive deals”, ski lift passes, children’s lunch club etc. Oxygène should not be confused with the afore-said, whom in each case stands responsible for their own activities under the legislation of the particular enterprise. In this case Oxygène cannot be held liable and the client cannot claim any compensation in case of schedule changes due to our partners. Also, any service not used by the client for any reason whatsoever, shall not give rise to a refund. Finally, under no circumstances can Oxygène be held liable for circumstances arising from natural causes or external influence.

V – Miscellaneous
For any Oxygène product the client should present himself on the start date and within the time period specified on confirmation. Unclaimed service due to a late arrival does not qualify for a reimbursement. Any problems, delays or time spent on ski lifts does not justify a reduction in price neither a prolonged lesson, unless the fault is directly due to a voluntary act on Oxygène’s behalf. Any difficulties/queries which might come of the contract will be handed directly to the Court of Summary Jurisdiction in CHAMBERY (Savoie). Similarly, the “overflow” or “lack” of snow cannot be attributed to Oxygène ski school. Weather and snow conditions prevailing on the day are not the responsibility of Oxygène, and the client cannot claim any compensation, rebate and or refund.

VI – Special Conditions
Oxygène advertise a maximum number per group. Clients are booked in to the groups depending on the level stated by them. If the level is not correct then Oxygène reserves the right to move clients into the correct level of group. On rare occasions during peak week dates this may mean group sizes will be more than the advertised amount. Oxygène is committed to make every effort to ensure that the number of students is reduced if this is to happen.
A list of reasons that could cause a course to exceed the number:
– Error registering under or over evaluation due to the client.
– Instructor injury or illness resulting in the requirement to move students to another course.
– Desire for a customer to move to a different course other than that of his.
– Instructor obligation to “move” a client in a class higher or lower for technical or security reasons.
– State of fatigue or stress found in a client that requires them to move to a lower level.

In all cases, if the maximum number in a course is exceeded the client is not liable for any rebates, refunds or compensation from Oxygène ski school.

VII – Helmets & Protection
There is always a risk involved in any snow activities therefore a helmet is compulsory for children under 13 years old and for snowboarders taking lessons with us. We do also highly recommend them for everyone else. We also recommend children’s back protection, plus wrist protection and impact protective shorts for snowboarders.

VIII – Insurance
All participants who take part in Oxygène activities are not covered by the company liability insurance. Each customer must insure themselves against any risks that can take place in this type of sport. Personal insurance is available to purchase directly from Oxygène in resort and online.

IX – Photos & Video
By purchasing and joining Oxygène ski & snowboard school lessons or activities you agree to the possibility of having photos or videos taken in which may be used in promotion material. If you wish for your photos or videos not to be used you must specify beforehand.


I – Payments

For all rental equipment the full payment must be paid upfront at the beginning of the week.

II – Rental equipment

All rental equipment is recognised as being in good condition at the moment of hire and must be returned in a similar state at the end of the client’s holiday. All rental equipment, being either numbered or marked for identification purposes, must be returned with the same number or identification mark. The rented equipment is placed under the supervision of the person hiring, who thereby assumes all responsibility.

III – Damaged or unreturned equipment

In the case of damage to the equipment, the person hiring will pay for all necessary repairs or replacements. This will be the case unless the person has taken Oxygène insurance against such eventualities. If the person has taken Oxygène insurance they will be charged appropriately. If the person has their own insurance they will pay the necessary repairs or replacements and claim back from their insurance company afterwards.

Iv – Stolen equipment

The theft or loss of any rental equipment material is the entire responsibility of the person hiring. If any Oxygène equipment is stolen, the person renting will pay for all necessary replacements. If the person has taken out Oxygène insurance they need to report the theft to the gendarmerie where they will be provided with a crime report. When providing the crime report to Oxygène they will be charged appropriately depending on the insurance taken. If such report is not provided they will be charged the full amount for the replacement.

V – Costs

The cost of rental is counted from the moment the person receives the equipment, and up until the equipment is returned. Each day counted is calculated in accordance with the price and conditions as publicly displayed. The hired equipment must be returned if requested. The paid deposit or total does not in no case represent the value of the hired equipment, but is simply a guarantee on the rental.

VI – ID or credit card

Proof of identity (such as a driving licence, passport or EU ID card) or a credit card imprint will be requested before the equipment is given to the person hiring. ID will be retained until the end of the week and given back once the equipment has been returned in a similar state it was rented out in. All credit card details will be deleted once equipment is returned. If equipment is returned in an unsatisfactory state then the client will pay the appropriate charges for any repairs or replacements.

VII – The competent powers

For all litigation’s, regardless of their nature, the police court, the higher civil courts, and the commercial court for the specific judicial district hold responsibility.


These terms and conditions apply directly to our Sit Ski and Adaptive Ski products:

I – Oxygène instructors hold the necessary qualifications to teach or coach members of the public and are all insured with a professional liability.

II – All Adaptive Ski sessions take place from either Plagne Centre or Belle Plagne. If equipment is already obtained there is a possibility to start from the clients in-resort accommodation – please enquire!

III – Upon reservation Oxygène requires as much information regarding the person skiing to make sure the best possible service is given.

IV – It is a requirement for the client to see a member of the Oxygène team the day before lessons to prepare equipment/ make sure it is set up correctly.

V – All equipment rented is the property of Oxygène and sit ski rental is provided from Plagne Centre. There may be a possibility of organising sit ski equipment to be collected from Belle Plagne – please enquire!

VI – The sit ski equipment is approved for use on all chairlifts and the full ski area.

VII – The sit ski equipment can be rented with or without an Oxygène instructor.

VIII – For any sit ski rental without an Oxygène instructor a deposit of €1000 will be required. Before taking the equipment a descriptive statement will be made by Oxygène.

IX – Upon rental without an instructor, either a tandem ski license or justification of sit ski level will be requested.

X – If a license or justification is not possible Oxygène asks for an assessment session (2 hours) with an instructor to confirm the equipment will be used correctly. It is then at the discretion of the Oxygène instructor as to whether another assessment session will be needed or not.

XI – The cost of equipment rental does not include personal, theft, damage or breakage insurance.

XII – The use of sit ski equipment with or without an Oxygène instructor does not exempt a lift pass.

XIII – Weather conditions cannot be held liable for any cancellations.

XIV – The person/s using the equipment takes full responsibility of it while in their care. Oxygène reserves the right to take back the equipment if these terms and conditions are not respected.


I – 9€ per week or 1.5€ per day.

II – If the guarantee is taken it covers the breakage or theft of Oxygène Ski Shop equipment rented out by the client.

III – The guarantee is limited to one claim only.

IV – In case of accidental damage to the equipment the client must return the equipment to the Oxygène Shop. A replacement will be given with no excess fee. If the equipment is not returned to the Oxygène Shop then the client will be charged the full amount to replace the equipment.

V – In the case of stolen equipment a police claim report must be produced. If such report is not provided then the client will be charged the full amount for the replacement equipment.

VI – The guarantee does not cover any damage other than accidental.

VII – The guarantee does not cover lost equipment.


With Oxygène you can choose Impact Multisports personal insurance for either one day or one week.

As in all assistance and insurance policies, this policy contains rights for you and for us as well as obligations.

The policy is regulated by the French insurance code. The rights and obligations stipulated in the policy are

explained in the following pages.

The assured are covered with this Impact Multisports Insurance contract during the practice of a guaranteed sports activity.