When it comes to community, we love to get stuck in and help out where we can. That’s why we created the Oxygène Franchise Scheme, whereby we invite both new and mature ski schools to join us on our mission of breathing fresh life into the valleys we call home..


Been there done that; bought the ski-shirt. With over 25 years in the trade and more than 200 staff in 8 resorts across the French Alps, we know a thing or two about how to summit. Learn from our mistakes and join us in marking fresh tracks for the future.


Offering professional and competent expertise from ski school organisation and structure to company branding, marketing and customer service on and off the slopes; we believe in sharing success and pushing each sister school to their full potential. Let’s knock our heads together and reach for the revolutionary.


The Perks

We’re a catch. Join our Oxygène Franchise and enjoy:

• 25 years’ experience in ski school management.
• Internationally recognised brand status.
• Exclusive use of the Oxygène trademark in your ski resort for an unlimited period.
• Professional instructor liability insurance at a competitive price.
• A simple and coherent technical classification for children, adults and snowboard levels, including medals, level booklets and technical instructor guides.
• Business and commercial support adapted to your ski school’s needs. We’re talking, brochures, photos, online e-commerce and website assistance.
• Snazzy website and e-commerce design, copy and assistance, with inclusive translation services e.g. English, French, Russian and Spanish.
• PR and branding guidance including presence at ski shows, trade fairs and workshops, such as the Grand Ski – London, LISTEX – Paris and Moscow.
• Tax, accounting and legal advice.
• Powerful marketing campaigns and social media guidance for English and French audiences.
• Recruitment and instructor training if required.

We’re Proud to be Different

• Your Oxygène partners are active ski school directors and have been for over 24 years, they understand you and your business and do not need income generated by the Oxygène franchise in order to live.
• All revenues generated by the Oxygène franchise are fully invested in promotion, marketing and brand development.

The Nitty Gritty

Legality and Requirements – We promise we won’t:

• Gain back margins from the investment of other skis schools (medals, assurances, instructors or contracts, etc.)
• Ask for an entrance fee.
• Recruit instructors on behalf of ski schools.
• Make unfeasible promises in terms of a commercial benefit.
• Require a ski school to change their existing legal model.

We need you to:

• Respect all governmental/ national ski school and instructor laws.
• Respect the Oxygène instructor rules stated in the ‘Instructor booklet’.
• Sign up for the ski school instructor planning software ‘Yo-School’
• Use the technical level classifications and material correctly.
• Adopt the trademark blue hue for your instructor’s uniform.
• Uphold modern, clean premises and public image at all times.

Let’s Talk Money

Oxygène franchise contributions:
• Free for the first year
• From €0 to €500k of turnover: 2% HT
• From €501k to €750k: 1.75% HT
• From €751k to €1m : 1.50% HT
• From €1m to €1.5m: 1.25% HT
• More than €1.5m : 1% HT
Each ski school supports a contribution of 0.3% of its turnover as a liability fee. There is a cost for the use of Yo-School and this must be paid directly to the Vakario company.

Let’s Get Together

Successfully swooned?

Chat to us direct via email, telephone or post:

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Oxygène Franchise
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Tel +33 (0)4 79 09 03 99
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