Adult Mini Clinics in Courchevel

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So you have the basics but need to brush-up on technique and style? Great. Our Adult Mini Clinics in Courchevel 1850 are suitable for those skiing at Levels 2 to 4 and run Monday to Wednesday from 14:00 – 17:00. Learning in groups no larger than 6, these inspirational ski and snowboard lessons are filled with confidence-boosting tips and tricks to help ease you back on to the slopes. Once we're through, you'll ski back to your pack refreshed, in control and raring to go for the rest of the week.

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Product Description

A Perfect Match

We offer a variety of lesson time slots and options in Courchevel. Click around to explore or give us a call to find the perfect fit for your holiday plans.

The Right Level

We’ve got the perfect group for you. From relaxed beginner sessions to challenging all-mountain shredding, we cover all the bases.

Oxygène Off-Piste Instructor

Less is More

For big progression and the fastest results, we like to keep our adult groups small, with 8-to-10 skiers max per instructor.

No Barrier

Our lessons are primarily in English and French, but our instructors can speak Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Danish or Russian.


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From 13 years
Never skied or done a few hours on a dry slope
Beginner’s area
Can ski all green runs and easy blues.
From 13 years
A few days to a week experience
Green and easy blue runs
Snowplough turns
Level 1
Bringing skis together in parallel on blue runs.
From 13 years
2 to 5 weeks experience
Blue runs
Simple parallel turns
Level 2
Parallel turns on all blue runs and easy reds.
From 13 years
From 5 weeks experience
Blue and easy red runs
Good parallel turns
Level 3
Comfortable on red runs and discovering black runs.
From 13 years
From 8 weeks experience
Red and easy black runs
Very good parallel turns and moguls
Level 4
Discover all terrain skiing.
From 13 years
From 12 weeks experience
Black runs
Expert skier on all types of runs
Steep & Deep
Expert skier. Weekly program: off-piste and freeride skiing.