4 Hour Morning Off Piste Guiding – Val Thorens

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Wake up to the Magic of the Three Valley’s backcountry and clip-in to our 4-Hour Morning Off-Piste Lessons in Val Thorens. With safety equipment (that’s your probes, shovel, backpack and transceiver) included as standard, we’ll explore how to play safe on un-touched terrain. Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced ski and snowboarders, our afternoon sessions start just after lunch and run on till last lifts. Our standard price is set for 2 but we’re happy to make tracks with groups up to 6 for an extra €15 per person. So if you’re hunting for the line of season, look no further. Simply buckle up with book on with Oxygène today.

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Product Description

Adventure Times

Our off-piste guiding runs in 4 hour slots, or from first to last lifts.

Multi-lingual Lessons

Our lessons are primarily in English and French, but our instructors can speak Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Danish or Russian. No harm in asking!

Oxygène Off-Piste Instructor

6 Max

To ensure we ride safe and stay together at all times, there’s a max of 6 per group.

Play it Safe

We believe that safety is no accident. That’s why we’ll supply your airbag, backpack, transceiver, probe and shovel as standard. Let’s play safe.



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