Skiing is for everyone

Ski 2 Freedom is a charitable organisation set up in 2007 with the aim to provide valuable information and guidance about ski resorts, accommodation and activities for people with a disability.

Catherine Cosby the founder and director of the organisation began with the concept of Ski 2 Freedom in the mid-90s when she visited the Bristol Children’s Hospital. There she saw children and teens loosing limbs to diseases such as cancer and wanted to show them that they could still live there life to the full and do activities, such as skiing, like everyone else. She took inspiration from these children, and her own daughter, who also spent spent time there.

The charity has a detailed website that allows you to find information about various ski resorts and what resorts accommodate for what. What Catherine also encourages is for people to contact them directly as often getting to know the person allows them to give their best recommendations. Catherine has spent years getting to know the resorts and making contacts not only in France but all over the world.

This year Ski 2 Freedom is also on an extra mission and that is to gain corporate funding or sponsorship to make sure they can carry on with what they are doing and spread the word even more so. You can help them immensely by voting for them as your chosen ski charity on the M&G website.

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