There is a lot of advice out there to help you work out the ski level of your children. But for adults, it can be a bit more tricky, particularly if you have never really had ski lessons or haven’t skied for a few years. How do you work out which lessons to book for yourself if you don’t know what level you are? Many of us have difficulty working it out, especially if we would class ourselves as an intermediate skier. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide. Take a look…


What makes you a beginner skier?

It is your first mountain experience in the snow
It is your first time using ski equipment
You might be apprehensive about the mountain conditions
Nonetheless, you are motivated to learn to ski!

What will you get out of a week of beginner ski lessons?

You will:

  • familiarise yourself with ski equipment and learn to use it
  • learn to slide, make snow-plough turns and stop
  • learn to ski independently on gentle slopes (green slopes)
  • learn to use ski lifts
  • learn to fall and how to get back up again
Oxygene Adult Group Lesson Level 3

Level 1

What makes you a level 1 skier?

You are less apprehensive about the ski environment
You ski in a fixed and rigid skiing position
You are very focused on what you are doing i.e. looking at the tips of your skis rather than observing the surroundings

What will you get out of a week of level 1 ski lessons?

You will:

  • learn to control your balance and speed
  • start to learn to side-slip
  • start to parallel turn on gentle slopes (greens and easy blues)
  • learn the rules of skier conduct on the slopes
snowboard group lessons

Level 2

What makes you a level 2 skier?

You can ski independently on green and easy blue slopes
You can side-slip and are starting to make parallel turns
You are still wary of going too fast and of steeper areas of the slopes

What will you get out of a week of level 2 ski lessons?

You will:

  • start to enjoy skiing on blue slopes (possibly even red ones)
  • start to adapt your speed and turns to the slope (narrow, wide, bumpy etc)
  • start to relax the top half of your body
  • maintain control whilst side-slipping
  • link parallel turns on blue runs
Oxygene Group Lesson in Val Thorens

Level 3

What makes you a level 3 skier?

You are still a little conscious of the environment
You are in control of your speed and direction on blue runs
You automatically adapt your skiing to the situation and slope
Your skiing position is less rigid and more relaxed and confident

What will you get out of a week of level 3 ski lessons?

You will:

  • link parallel turns on red runs
  • learn to vary your rhythm (linking both tight and wide turns)
  • gain more confidence and engage more with the slope
  • adapt your technique to varied terrain

Level 4

What makes you a level 4 skier?

You are at ease on all types of slopes
Your technical ability allows you to enjoy skiing whatever the slope conditions
You start to adapt your equipment to explore other types of skiing (off-piste, carving, slalom, freestyle etc)

What will you get out of a week of level 4 ski lessons?

You will:

  • be capable of anticipating and adapting your speed to variations in the slope
  • improve your rhythm, intensity and ski style
  • learn to carve
  • surpass your expectations
Oxygene private ski lesson

We hope this guide helps you identify your level and determine your goals for your next ski lessons. If you are still unsure, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you choose the right level class for you. It is not unusual for people to under or overestimate their abilities even with our help so at Oxygene we go through a process of harmonisation on the first day of group lessons. Put simply, this means we assess the level of the skiers in each group and if needed, move people up or down a level to ensure that everyone has the best experience and can progress at their own pace.

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