We tried MoonBikes for you ! ⚡

Do you feel the need, the need for speed ? ⚡

After a day of skiing in the sunshine exploring the incredible La Plagne area, what could be better than trying out a new activity with friends? For an hour, Oxygene offers you a good session of laughter, thrills, and a unique activity!

Join us for an electric adventure!


As night falls on our snowy mountains, we head to the starting point for this adventure under the stars.

If you don’t know what a Moonbike is yet, let me explain. Imagine a subtle blend of a snowmobile and a snowboard, with an eco-friendly touch:

Moonbikes are 100% electric.

Kamel, our instructor, meets us and shows us his somewhat futuristic machines. Between jokes and greetings to the slope groomers  working nearby, he explains how Moonbikes operate. We take our seats for our first ride. The bike is quite large, and I step forward to place my feet on either side of the Moonbike. After a smooth start, simply by pressing the accelerator, we are launched into a whole new experience!

The first challenge is to learn to maneuver the beast. As we slowly glide along, Kamel teaches us the art of learning to steer the Moonbike in the desired direction. Initially, eyes fixed on my feet, the fear of falling fades away thanks to the instructor’s advice: lift your head and look in the desired direction.

The gliding sensation is very pleasant, and the speed is adapted to avoid scaring yourself at the start. 

Despite a little fall due to clumsy braking on the way up, Kamel quickly intervenes to get me back on track. More fright than harm, and it gave my friends a good chuckle at my misfortune 🙂 We then climb the slopes, and I’m quite tense on the Moonbike. I struggle to control it, steer it, and I’m especially afraid of leaving the track. After a few minutes of trepidation, I manage to relax and enjoy this superb experience (although I did squeal a few times!)

The fresh snowfall earlier in the week offers an extra thrill as Kamel takes us into the powder. In a single file, we speed down the small powder bumps with ease. The soft snow cushions our falls, and we quickly manage to get back on the bikes. Overlooking the valley, we enjoy a magnificent view while Kamel plays the role of an enthusiastic tour guide.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-30 at 09.38.02

We go for a few more turns before heading back because the session is already coming to an end. Time flew by and I really want to continue! On the way back down the slope allows us to pick up some speed and venture into small bumpy paths accompanied by Kamel.

The outing ends after an hour, under a starlit sky. Even though I was a bit tense and nervous at the beginning, Kamel’s advice helped me relax and enjoy this activity. My friends and I left in great spirits, and I am eager to improve my driving!

I am already planning a return in March to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets of La Plagne.

Come and join us for this truly exceptional experience!

The Moonbikes activity takes place in Plagne Centre every day at various times: between 17:15 and 21:00.  It is open to everyone over 16 and doesn’t require you to be in any particular physical condition. You can enjoy it in any weather, even bad weather. The route is adapted according to weather conditions and avalanche risk.

If you also want to experience an adventure as incredible as it is fun, contact Oxygene La Plagne:

+33 (0) 4 79 09 03 99      laplagne@oxygene.ski    or click just here