Instructor Profile: Charlotte

Charlotte from Val d’Isère…


Name: Charlotte Landre

Nationality: Francais

Nickname: Char

Resort: Val d’Isère

Teaches: Ski and snowboard.

Favourite skis? K2 Misdemeanour – they are the most universal!

Favourite piste in Val d’Isère? The OK, it’s one of Val d’Isère’s famous downhill racing slopes.

Favourite place to ski on days off? Bellevarde!!!


Dream ski destination? Whistler would be my top choice.

What’s your favourite food? Pimms (like the Brits) – so summery.

When did you learn to ski? When I was 2 years old – an early starter!

Why did you become a ski instructor? I wanted to pass my passion for skiing on to others. It’s a great feeling when I see people’s faces light up when they ski with me.

How long have you been in Val d’Isère? This is my 2nd season in Val d’Isère.

Which is your favourite restaurant in Val d’Isère? La Vieille maison in La Daille – It serves traditional Savoyard food in a typical mountain chalet atmosphere.

What’s the best thing about your job? I love being outside in the fresh air and this job allows be to be outside more or less all the time.

… and the worst? When it is -35 degrees, it’s just too cold – My feet get really, really painful!!


Which are your favorite lessons to teach? I love teaching everything however if I could choose I really like private lessons as I get to know people better and focus on just one or two people at a time.

What’s your worst memory as a ski instructor? I once got stuck on a chairlift in the freezing cold, windy, snowy and foggy weather for an hour… not good!

What are your other hobbies besides skiing? I love cycling and playing golf.

What do you do in the summer: I am a waitress in the summer but I do try and relax as must as possible at the same time!

Summer or winter: Winter easily…


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