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Because we know people all have different skills, requirements and levels of expertise Oxygene provides a service that is made to measure both in terms of ski lessons and other activities too. One of the best examples of one of our bespoke Oxygene events is the 10th anniversary celebration for the Planet Handi Sport (PHS) club which was held in La Plagne recently – a week of skiing for 50 members of the club. Come with us on our night out, a night unlike any other, designed entirely around the needs of the members of this club…

A very particular request: Moonlight Skiing

repas PHS au chalet de la grande rochette avec Oxygène

Oxygene has offered moonlight skiing with a meal at the Grande Rochette restaurant for the last 10 years. The idea is to take the last gondola of the day to the top of the mountain, have a drink (or two) and eat a delicious locally inspired meal in a warm and friendly atmosphere far from the bright lights of La Plagne centre. This activity is ideal for big groups of friends, families or business groups. As far as team building goes, there’s nothing better than huddling around the fire with a belly full of Savoyarde cheese and a warming shot of genepi in hand.

The needs of the PHS club members were very particular. They required a restaurant that would be accessible to 20 skiers all using sit-skis, large enough for them, their wheelchairs, 30 volunteers and 10 ski instructors inside and with a tantalising Savoyarde menu to tickle their taste buds. And, they were after a real celebration for their 10 year anniversary. Manu, the founder of PHS and the group organiser said, “it’s natural for us to celebrate with Oxygene in La Plagne. I’ve known Julien (Oxygene director) for 15 years and have skied with Oxygene since the beginning so I organised a trip for all of our members to spend a week in La Plagne together. The snow conditions and the wind haven’t made things easy but we have had a great time.”

“It was a full-on operation!”

adaptive skier with Oxygène ski instructor La Plagne

Julien, a ski instructor with a lot of experience organising adaptive skiing courses and events, even said himself, “It was a full-on operation. To organise getting all of the wheelchairs up to the top of the mountain we had to call the piste services in La Plagne. Two of their piste bashers took the wheelchairs up to the top and brought them back down at the end of the evening so they could be ready at the bottom of the piste for our return.” On the night, Julien and the other instructors were in direct contact with the piste services to ensure the safe descent of the skiers and their equipment.

“Each wheelchair user is helped by a partner, a skier from the club who follows them and helps them to get up should they take a fall,” Manu told us, “falls aren’t unusual as the sit-skiers tend to set off at full speed to make the most of the empty ski runs!”

A descent under the glow of the moon, that was the original plan…

Normally moonlight skiing takes place in moonlight however on this occasion it was the light from head-torches that lit the way through the driving snow and gusts of wind. The sitskis had to be cleared of the snow that had collected on them whilst everyone at their meal. The ski runs were freshly groomed and had a covering of fresh snow by the time everyone left the restaurant. The children, beginner skiers, sit skiers, snowboarders and partially sighted skiers all loved the beautiful fresh snow on the descent. The slope is variable but is great as it suits all levels of skier. Even after several glasses of wine and genepi at the restaurant everyone made it down the mountain safely.

Moonlight Skiing – a unique experience for large groups

adaptive sit-ski Oxygène Planet Handisport PHS

A spectacular evening for adults and children, that’s the spirit of the Moonlight Ski with Oxygene. We were delighted to be able to put on this event for the PHS and can adapt this product to any event or large gathering to give you a personalised experience in a restaurant at the top of the mountain at night time followed by some night time skiing.

After this particular evening we were approached by some youngsters who wanted to learn more about the mountains. Our instructors, Lorys and Max, responded to their request and were able to organise an avalanche safety session to teach them about the importance of knowing what to do when skiing off-piste and how to search for victims in the case of an avalanche.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone, the volunteers, Oxygene instructors, club members, skiers, snowboarders, adaptive skiers and families who spent the week in La Plagne to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Planet Handi Sport, an adaptive skiing association.

Emmanuel Senin created PHS Planete Handisport in 2008.

Does an evening on top of the world sound tempting? Organise your group of friends/family/colleagues and come and see us in La Plagne for a ski experience like no other.

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