You might be booking your first ski holiday or the first ski holiday since you’ve had children. Maybe you’re bringing a friend or family member along who hasn’t skied before and you’re wondering how much ski lessons cost these days. You don’t want to get ripped off but you don’t know what a fair price is for lessons. Read on.

This article will give you an idea of the prices you can expect to pay for group and private ski lessons in France and the different factors that influence those prices.

Group ski lesson in France

How much do group ski lessons cost in France?

Group ski lessons

How much do group ski lessons for children cost?

The price for group ski lessons for children can vary enormously and that is mostly due to the variety of options available. Morning group lessons for children vary in length from 2-4 hours per day for 5 or 6 mornings running. Price-wise you’re looking at spending anything in between 170€ and 400€ in low season and up to 450€ in high season.

The cost of adult group ski lessons

Adult morning group ski lessons tend to last between 2 and 3 hours per day over a 5 of 6 days of a week. Low season prices vary from around 160€ to 300€ but it is worth noting that during peak season prices can reach up to 350€ for 6 mornings.

Why does the price of lessons vary from resort to resort?

In the same way that house prices vary from town to town, prices of property, goods and services vary enormously from one resort to another. The prestige of a resort, the property prices and rents and the demand in a given resort will all affect the price of your ski lessons. Ski instructors need to live in or near to the resort they teach in and so must be paid in accordance with local property and living costs.

Why does the price for group ski lessons vary so much between different ski schools in the same resort?

Each ski school creates its own lesson programme according to what they believe their clients want and need. Consider the questions below to determine whether you’re paying a fair price for your ski lessons:

How many people will be in the group?

Some ski schools limit the number of people in a group whilst other ski schools simply don’t. Obviously the more people in a group, the cheaper the price can be per person. But consider the real cost. Are you going to enjoy your learning experience (and your holiday) trying to master skiing with 12 people in your group or would you be better off in a school where there are fewer students per instructor?

How many hours will I be skiing with my instructor?

When comparing the prices of lessons, ensure you are comparing like with like. Some lessons are for just 2 hours per day (10-12 hours per week) whilst others can be 3 or even 4 hours long (15-18 hours or 20-24 hours per week). Some ski schools include one or two day-long sessions in their group lessons programme further increasing the number of hours with an instructor.

Do the lessons take place in the morning or afternoon?

There is always more demand for ski lessons in the morning than the afternoon. In keeping with a standard supply/demand curve, afternoon ski lessons can sometimes work out cheaper.

Are medals included?

This is particularly important when considering children’s group ski lessons which follow a medal programme – are the medals and record book included in the price of the ski lesson? Beware this potentially hidden cost because not all ski schools include them.

Is there a private learning environment?

Some ski schools invest in creating specific areas in which to teach children and beginner skiers. This involves the cost of renting some land on a flat-ish area of the resort, buying a magic carpet (a travelator for skiers) or rope tow and other equipment with which to teach the most nervous and/or smallest of skiers the basics of sliding on snow. These secure areas are invaluable in helping people gain confidence before they progress onto the main slopes of a resort.

Is there a knowledgeable booking person/team to answer your questions?

You may not have considered this but booking the right ski lessons for you, your partner, children or friends can be a tricky business, particularly if there are any special requirements involved. Getting the right advice to be able to find the best match is important.

How much do private lessons cost?

Private lessons can range from one hour to a full day (normally 7 hours) and generally consist of one instructor and one to six individuals who all know each other and who have a similar level of skiing/snowboarding. The time you have booked with your instructor is yours to do with as you wish. Prices range from around 50€ for an hour to 550€ for a full day and vary according to the resort you are in and the school you book with.

Private ski lessons in France

How much do private ski lessons cost in France?

How are lessons priced at Oxygene?

Here at Oxygene we believe and invest in making your skiing experience as pleasurable as possible, from the moment you book with our highly experienced and trained booking team (who are here year round and fluent in English), to your time on the slopes and beyond.

We know that people learn faster and enjoy themselves more in a smaller group. In the majority of our resorts (Val d’Isere, Courchevel, La Tania, Megeve, Val Thorens and Les Menuires) our groups are limited to just 6 people per group. In Meribel the limit is 8 people per group and in La Plagne it is 10 per group*.

Our morning group lessons are usually 3 hours long (2.5 hours in La Plagne and Megeve) as we feel this gives our students the opportunity to get the most from their lift passes and ski a variety of slopes with their instructor without becoming overtired.

We have enclosed snow gardens in La Plagne, Meribel, Megeve and Les Menuires and include the price of our children’s medals and record book in the price of our ski lessons in all resorts.

We understand that booking a ski holiday is an expensive business, but we would argue that the success of your ski lessons could make or break your holiday. We are biased of course, but we firmly believe that taking care to book the right lessons for you, your friends and family will be worth it and you will all go home with a big smile, buzzing about your newly acquired or recently honed skills and with a greater appreciation and passion for the mountains and snowsports than you had before. And that is what it is all about, right?

* The higher number of people per group in La Plagne is due to our clients’ preference for us to keep prices down.

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