The Level Finder

If you’re a good skier or preparing for your next adventure on the slopes, it’s important to know your ski level.

In this article, we’ll explore the different levels of skiing in Oxygene ski & snowboard school, and what that means for you as a skier.

We’ll also discuss how to determine your ski level and how you can improve your technique to become a more experienced skier. So strap on your boots, buckle up your bindings and get ready for an adventure on the slopes!

Safety first

Some slopes and lifts are more difficult to access depending on the level of skiing. These can be dangerous for less experienced skiers. Knowing your ski level will ensure safety on the slopes.

For the group

To help you excel and reach your goals, the ski groups are classified by level. This allows the instructor to choose the right exercises and the right slopes to progress quickly.

For you

Knowing one’s level of skiing helps the skier to evaluate his own abilities. This allows to determine which are the axes of improvement and to fix objectives for the future.

Children’s Level Finder

Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses allows young skiers to better project themselves into the skills they need to acquire. By defining his or her ski level, the student is more confident on the slopes and can take full advantage of his or her skiing experience.

Ski Level finder children

Adult’s Level Finder

Ski lessons are not just for kids.
Discover the advantages of taking ski lessons:

  • Learn the basic techniques: master the sliding techniques
  • To progress more quickly with personalized advice
  • To have more fun, and discover new playgrounds and disciplines (hello freestyle and freeride)
  • To avoid developing bad habits, and not to hinder progress! And reduce the risk of potential injuries
Ski Level finder adult

Snowboard’s Level Finder

You have a great level in skiing, or not. You want to do a sport that gives you strong sensations? Discover snowboarding!

Snowboarding offers a greater freedom of movement and style where you can express yourself fully. Strong sensations guaranteed.

snowboard level finder en

Now that you know, your ski or snowboard level. So what is your level of skiing?