Skiing is all about having fun but there are a few guidelines to bear in mind to ensure everyone enjoys the slopes, particularly during the busy school holiday weeks. Here’s a timely reminder of the simple safety rules to follow that will allow you and your fellow holiday-makers to enjoy the slopes to the max.

Let’s start at the beginning

Queuing for first lifts, particularly in peak season, can be a challenge, but follow these tips with a little patience and you’ll quickly get to where you want to go.

  • Don’t be tempted to cut the line
  • Take care not to damage anyone’s skis / snowboard in the queue
  • Don’t hold up the line waiting for your friends, meet them at the top
  • Smile, make eye contact and chat with other holiday-makers 😉

Good to know

From a technical point of view the ski lifts are constantly being upgraded. For example, the Legends ski lift in Meribel Centre, re-opened in 2019 and can transport up to 3600 per hour.

Oxygene Adult group lesson in La Plagne

Oxygene Adult group lesson in La Plagne

 1. Respect other slope users

Adopt a responsible attitude and behaviour to ensure you do not put other slope-users in danger.


 2. Control your speed

Whether you are a skier or snowboarder, you must control our speed in relation to your ability and the surrounding environment (the number of slope-users, the snow conditions, the steepness etc). As a rule, it’s best not to challenge your friends to a race during the school holidays (even if you’re an excellent skier!)

Oxygene private lessons

Oxygene private lessons

 3. Choose your trajectory

Remember that the person ahead of you always has priority. So if you’re descending a slope, it is your job to choose a line that will not impact the skiers below you. Put simply, it’s your job not to crash into anyone skiing on the slope below!


 4. Overtake safely

Overtaking safely simply involves leaving enough space between you and another skier or snowboarder, so they can continue their line down the slope as you pass them and continue yours.


 5. Rejoining a slope

If you need to rejoin the slope, or come to a cross-roads, don’t forget to look up the slope and down before setting off or crossing.

Oxygene Group Lesson in Val Thorens

Oxygene Group Lesson in Val Thorens

 6. Where to stop?

It’s common sense but it happens all the time. Don’t stop in the middle of a slope or just over the brow of a hill where people might not spot you until the last minute. Wait for your group at the edge of the slope and if you fall, try to pick yourself up as quickly as possible. 


 7. Walking on the slopes

If you need to walk up or down the slope for any reason, stick to the sides to stay out of the way of slope users descending.


 8. Signage

There are often signs informing you of junctions, the need to slow down, avalanche risks etc. Keep your eyes open and react to the information provided to stay as safe as possible.

Oxygene Adult Group Lesson Level 1

Oxygene Adult Group Lesson Level 1

 9. In an emergency

If you witness an accident, you are obliged to raise the alarm and provide assistance to anyone involved. The phone number of the piste security team is on your piste map (or resort app on your phone). Otherwise, you can call the international help number 112.


 10. Carry ID

You should carry a form of ID with you in case you are involved in an accident or witness one and need to identify yourself to the security team.

If you aren’t sure about any of these safety guidelines or have any questions, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your instructor or your resort team. 

Happy safe skiing everyone!