If you’re a mountain-biker or keen to give it a go and are wondering which resort to visit this summer then look no further. Val d’Isere has you covered.


About Val d’Isere

Val d’Isere is located at the far end of the Tarentaise Valley and in winter is renowned for its reputation as one of THE top ski destinations in the world. Whilst it continues to delight skiers and snowboarders, Val d’Isere has also been investing in building its standing as an acclaimed destination for mountain bikers including those on electric mountain-bikes.

A. Parent - Val d'Isère Tourisme

A. Parent – Val d’Isère Tourisme


The Val d’Isere & Tignes Bike Park

The bike park actually covers a large part of the Espace Killy ski area which is to say, the resorts of Val d’Isere and Tignes. Together they provide a real Mecca for mountain bikers with 160km of trails including 21 downhill trails, 10 enduro (all-mountain) trails and 5 dedicated e-biking trails. 

Click here for the Val d’Isere bike park trail map.

A. Parent - Val d'Isère Tourisme

A. Parent – Val d’Isère Tourisme


Getting around resort

Moving around and between Val d’Isere and Tignes couldn’t be easier with five ski lifts in operation across the area, plus a bus shuttle service from Les Brévières.


Let’s talk electric mountain-biking

If you haven’t heard of electric mountain-biking then where have you been? E-biking is the fastest growing sector of the bike market with bikes literally fighting to get out of the factories and onto the mountains. 

E-biking makes the uphill (almost???? ) as fun as the downhill. With electric assistance you can climb slopes you would never have attempted with pedal power alone. In practice this means that you can ride all day without feeling overly tired and even cut out the cost of the lifts if you’re feeling particularly energetic. E-bikes are a great leveller too, meaning you can go biking with riders who are less experienced, older or younger and they’ll be able to keep up with your pace!


The E-Bike World Tour festival hits Val d’Isere

If you know what the Freeride World Tour in winter is all about you’ll have an idea of what to expect from the E-bike World Tour which is stopping off in Val d’Isere for 3 days from 30 July 2021. There will be pro-racing, the opportunity to test-ride the latest e-bikes, brands galore, as well activities and events to get involved in. Watch the teaser…

Can E-bikers access all the trails?

Yes, you are free to ride on all the trails on an e-bike, you are not just limited to the 3 e-bike trails. These trails are highlighted as such because they include some climbing for which the electric assistance comes in handy.

Can I take my bike on the lifts?

Yes! And what’s more it only costs 10€ per day to be able to take your bike (or e-bike) on the lifts. For pedestrians, the lifts are free.

The Val d’Isere trails

On the Val d’Isere side you have access to 14 dedicated mountain-biking trails. Three of their trails are ebike specific trails whilst the rest are categorised as mountain/enduro trails, downhill and cross-country.

Check out this video showcasing the Val d’Isere bike park…

The trails in detail

If you really want to geek-out and plan an itinerary for your trip, here’s a comprehensive list of the mountain-biking trails in Val d’Isere itself.


Val d’Isere’s e-mtb trails:


Name Colour/level Length Climbing / descent
Dai Dai Blue / Improver 3 km +50m / -50m
Triffol’up Green / Beginner 1.5 km +180m / -50m
Into the Wild Red / Advanced 15 km +1000m / -150m


Val d’Isere’s all-mountain / enduro trails:


Name Colour/level Length Climbing / descent
Flower Power Blue / Improver 1.5km -160m
Rock n Ride Black / Expert 6.5 km +150 m / – 610 m
Very Bike Trip Black / Expert 7.5 km +100m / – 1050m
Olive Blue / Improver 7.5 km +150m / -150m


Val d’Isere’s downhill trails:


Name Colour/level Length Climbing / descent
Val Bleue Blue / Improver 6.5 km -680m
Blue Lagoon Blue / Improver 3.5 km -400m
Borsattack Blue / Improver 2.7 km -300m
Popeye Green / Beginner 12 km -850m
Bellev’hard Black / Expert 4.8 km -850m


Val d’Isere’s cross-country trails:


Name Colour/level Length Climbing / descent
Olive Blue / Improver 7.5 km +150m / -150m
Mimosa Blue / Improver 7 km +80m / -80m


Happy biking!

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